We empower archives, museums & cultural organizations to meet their mission

and share the stories at the heart of their collections

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We empower archives, museums & cultural organizations to meet their mission

and share the stories at the heart of their collections



A women-led team of expert consultants specializing in collections management, grant acquisition strategy, and historical research. 

You’re here because you’ve been entrusted to steward a story. You have a passion and a vision, but you’re daunted by mapping out the best way to reach your goals. Your organization may be encumbered by funding, staffing, and resource scarcity. Perhaps your collection is drowning in backlog, and without digitization, it’s on the brink of disappearing. And you’re likely overwhelmed by vetting viable outreach and grant options and pursuing them with confidence. You’re committed to getting it right, but you need guidance…yesterday.

Our Team


People come to us when they want more than formulaic answers — they need tailored solutions that will serve them now and in the long term. As big-picture strategists, we don’t swoop in for quick, one-off fixes. 

We create achievable, replicable, and sustainable systems, so your organization can find immediate relief and thrive in perpetuity.


Whether you’re an emerging collection or an established museum, the complexities of archives and collection management are innumerable, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll draw on tried-and-true strategies, but we’re equally excited about vetted, modern opportunities so our clients have options. From grassroots efforts of local churches to navigating the intricacies of large organizations, we know how to find the right resources, deploy the best plan of action, and coordinate the outreach you need to meet your mission.

About Us

Our Services

Collection Planning and Management

Launching or reviving collection programs is no easy feat. I've worked with dozens of organizations, from small to federal-level, and I can scope your collection plan appropriately; including pragmatic steps to manage your collection with ease.

Perfect Your Systems

Digital Collections Management

Digital collections are a powerful tool when you have the right CMS platform in place. Whether you need help with cutting-edge digital technology, choosing a new CMS, or creating a collaborative portal- I've successfully done it all.

Modernize Your Collection

Collection Development

Collection development is designed to support archives, museums, and cultural organizations in their efforts to grow and refine an existing collection program. Our service is geared toward leaders who are motivated to evolve their strategies.

Develop Your Collection

Historical Research and Genealogy

We're creating history every day. As a trained historian, I work with organizations to research their history and help them identify and preserve their legacy. For individuals, I help find forgotten family lineages and long-lost relatives.

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