Collection Development

Advanced support for established collections

Collection development is designed to support archives, museums, and cultural organizations in their efforts to grow and refine an existing collection program. We ensure continuity between your collection and organizational mission and across policies and procedures. Collection development can also function as an audit of company practices and institutional biases when the end goal is to establish a more inclusive program. Our service is geared toward leaders who are motivated to reconsider existing frameworks, modernize their approach, and evolve their strategies.

Whether you’re looking to better engage your audience, expand your community impact, or recalibrate your collection to serve your mission, our team will ensure your program aligns with your vision.


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Stewarding stories well in today’s world means providing more than just compelling artifacts and evidence. It demands being responsive to a global audience. It means not only preserving but amplifying diverse voices and rectifying past harm. 

Navigating the landscape can be highly complex and emotional, but we’ll make sure every facet of your collection and institution is a testimony to what you stand for (and against).

  So, if you’re committed to…

  • Holding space for voices in marginalized communities

  • Getting stakeholders as excited as you are about program possibilities  

  • Cultivating quality donor relationships to secure future funding 

  • Working smarter with an optimized deaccession strategy

We’ve got you.


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At your service

Our Collection Development service is tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Here are some of the ways we help you meet the goals of your program. 

Collection Assessment Survey

  • Review past iterations of collecting policies
  • Gather information on documented & undocumented items
  • Identify material types & subject matter
  • Determine item conditions
  • Evaluate storage options
  • Highlight preservation concerns
  • Review infrastructure

Staff  Workshop

  • Interview stakeholders
  • Discuss collecting principles
  • Train on methods of care & handling
  • Outline documentation protocol
  • Advise on collecting policy and deaccession best practices
  • Hold Q&A

Collection Recommendations

  • Identify strengths & weaknesses in the collection
  • Define challenges & opportunities
  • Determine collecting priorities
  • Align archival standards with the Society of American Archivists (SAA) or American Alliance of Museums (as applicable)

Deaccession Plan

  • Review inventory, organizational structure, finances, etc.
  • Provide a findings summary
  • Define collecting objectives
  • Establish policies & procedures
  • Offer an updated plan

Program Strategy

  • Produce a comprehensive report
  • Present findings and recommendations to your team

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