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Digital Collections Management

Invest in the power of your digital collections.

 Digital collections management is a necessary function for all archives, museums, heritage organizations, historical societies, and government agencies. Digitization tools, collections management systems, digital asset management systems, digital preservation principles, digital migration resources, and metadata creation each require extensive knowledge of best practices and an awareness of the latest digital collection tools and resources. Building a robust digital collection program and structuring digital collection projects correctly are critical for your organization to fulfill digital usership demands while meeting regulatory standards and help you meet your organization’s mission.

Online collections are essential.

Whether you need to acquire digitization tools to digitize a collection, setup a new collections management system (CMS), implement digital preservation processes, or migrate digital content to a new platform -- it can feel like you're going through a digital gauntlet. Thanks to the effects of COVID-19 on museums, archives, and cultural heritage organizations, getting our collections online and in good working order is more essential now than ever. If you’re new to digital collections management, the work can be intimidating as you learn about digitization standards, digital preservation requirements, professional best practices for metadata publication, and digital usership principals. Each of these digital program areas are important and work together to help you manage and share your digital collections effectively. With more than a decade of experience specializing in digital collections management, we can help you build a comprehensive digital collections program with both sustainable methods for staff to follow and user engagement at the forefront.

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Services Offered

Here are a few examples of how we can work with your organization. If you don’t see what you need on the list, please contact us to get support.

Digital Collection Assessment: Assess existing and potential digital collection needs and compile a digital collection report with findings and recommendations. These reports are helpful when seeking grant or donor funding for future digital collection work or for reporting to higher administration to request resources for the digital collection.

Digitization Tools and Workflows: Evaluate and recommend digitization equipment based on collection needs and budget restrictions. Install technology, craft an efficient workflow for staff or volunteers to follow, and create collection catalog (metadata) templates based on professional standards and best practices.

Collections Management System (CMS) or Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) Selection and Implementation: Work with your team to assess the organization’s digital collection needs, research and vet potential systems, and assist during the CMS or DAMS implementation and content migration.

Digital Preservation Practices: Recommend the best way to digitally preserve your collection by selecting digital preservation tools and initiating digital preservation practices.

Training for Staff: Lead trainings for staff and volunteers in collection digitization (hardware and software), digitization standards, digital preservation practices, and cataloging (metadata creation).

Watch Our Expertise in Action

 Check out our webinars to see our expertise in action. We have an entire playlist dedicated to collections care and management. Click the top right corner to see the full playlist.

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We are experts.

Creating a digital collections management program takes knowledge, experience, and strategic insight. We have 15 years of experience setting up a variety of stand-alone and collaborative digital collection portals, working with more than a dozen different collections management systems (CMS) and digital asset management systems (DAMS), and establishing digital collections management programs at local libraries, regional repositories, and national museum cohorts (both in the US and abroad). No matter what type of collections you have, we have the knowledge and expertise you need to successfully set up your digital collections management program and projects. We're so well-versed in CMS selection, implementation, and use that they asked us to write a book on it.


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