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Invest in the future of your past.

A robust digital collection management strategy is essential for carrying your organization’s mission into the future. However, navigating the digital landscape is daunting and intricately nuanced depending on the needs of your archive, museum, heritage group, historical society, or government agency. How and where to begin can feel overwhelming as you grapple with the complexities of digital usership, regulatory compliance, best practices, and successful project management. We’re committed to easing this burden by simplifying the learning curve and delivering a cohesive system tailored to your goals.

With over a decade of experience in digital preservation, we design custom programs that are sustainable for your team, engaging for users, and in service of your mission.

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Getting your collection online is vital to providing access to your collections in service of your mission. We’ll meet you where you are, assess your needs, and empower your team with a streamlined yet comprehensive plan of action.

Your Digital Collections Management program includes:

  • Carefully vetted digitization tools

  •  Data analysis cleanup & migration strategy

  • Collection management systems (CMS) recommendations

  • Effective digital asset management strategy

  • Gold-standard preservation & care principles

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 Relicura’s signature Digital Collection Management service is personalized to the contours of your organization. Here are some of the key ways we can collaborate with your team:

  • Establishing best practices
  • Defining company policies & procedures
  • Digital collections assessment
  • Collection management, digitization, preservation & care
  • Staff training & personnel guidance
  • Funding resources
  • Professional education
  •  so much more! (just ask!)
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Collection Management System (CMS)

  • System recommendations
  • Setup & implementation
  • Data clean-up and migration
  • Staff training & documentation


  • Tailored plan for digital collection management
  • File naming conventions & organization
  • Specs & best practices
  • File preservation techniques

How it works:

  1. Start | Kick-off meeting
  2. Assess | Obtain images & documentation 
  3. Connect | Interview stakeholders  
  4. Compile | Synthesize key data 
  5. Share | Present findings & make program recommendations
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