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Contributing to dialogue in the field is a priority for me. While I believe everyone should be compensated for their labor, I prioritize committing a portion of my time and energy to improving the professional field. I prioritize participating in at least one group for both my regional and national organizations. I also provide blog posts, articles, presentations, webinars, and workshops through these professional organizations.

This page gathers all of my current content available to you for free.


I have three books available: A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing, How to Select, Buy, and Use a Museum CMS, and Museum Digital Projects and You. Where to Begin?. Both books were published by Lucidea Press and are available in paperback via Amazon.

Thanks to Lucidea Press, I can offer you a free e-copy of these books through the following links:

A Survivor’s Guide to Museum Grant Writing

How to Select, Buy, and Use a Museum CMS

Museum Digital Projects and You. Where to Begin?

Watch My Expertise in Action

Check out my webinars to see my expertise in action. Click the top right corner to see the full playlist.


Articles for peer-reviewed journals can take a long time to make it through the editorial process. As such, I tend to focus on more immediate outlets. Here is a selection of published articles:

Review: Hamilton: The Exhibition,” The Public Historian, vol. 42. no. 1, February 2020 (pp. 126-132).

The Game Changer: Looking Back 30 Years to the Burgundy Wine Challenge,” Oregon Wine Press, September 2015.

Archiving Oregon: Linfield College Captures Story of State’s Evolving Wine History, Oregon Wine Press, March 2015.

A Grape Idea: Competitive Collaboration is a Win-Win for Regional Archives,” Northwest Archivists’ Easy Access, Winter 2015.

Following the Roots of Oregon Wine, Oregon Historical Quarterly, 2013.

Create and Measure Success: The Smithsonian Collections Blog, The Interactive Archivist, November 2011.

How to Become a Consultant

I receive an average of 3 queries a week from fellow professionals asking me how to become a consultant. Please check out this webinar I delivered to SAA's Independent Archivists group to get your immediate consulting questions answered.

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