Historical Research and Genealogy

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Has your history become mythologized to the point where you can’t discern fact from fiction? Do you feel called to discover your family lineage but lack reliable resources to aid you on your journey? Are you overwhelmed by your newfound intestate responsibility of finding heirs? Maybe you’ve been asked to document your organization’s proud past, but you don't know what's true and what’s company legend?

Trying to reconcile the gaps in your historical narrative is a time-consuming undertaking, and without diligent record-keeping from the outset, your history can fade into obscurity, become corrupted, or worse - irretrievably lost.

As expert researchers, credentialed historians, and seasoned genealogists, we specialize in unearthing the truths of your past, so you can discover your story.

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Family Genealogy & Intestate Research

Families are complicated, and genealogy can be a messy business. Tracing your roots means sifting through a puzzle of incomplete records and family lore of yesteryear. From major global events and war to the impact of immigration, generational hardships divided families and fragmented the narrative. But the yearning to know ourselves better drives us to explore our past.

So, what are you searching for?

  • Your family’s origin story? 

  • A long-lost branch of your kin?

  • The migration of your ancestors?

  • Living relatives to connect with around the world? 

  • Heirs in a matter of inheritance?

Whether you’re on a personal quest to chronicle your history and piece together the family tree or you’re unexpectedly dealing with matters of intestacy, our team can expertly locate, access, and research primary resources to help you reconstruct your heritage and uncover your family legacy.

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What's inside?

  • Heir research with report (with citations of supporting records)
  • Family tree construction
  • Contact information for living heirs

Corporate history

Documenting and preserving your organizational history offers significant benefits. Beyond informing and inspiring business strategy, historical record-keeping can safeguard your bottom line, protect against legal liabilities, and shield you from substantial financial penalties. But company legacy is an equally powerful marketing tool to showcase your brand story and establish your position as an industry leader. 


What's your story? Are you a game-changer in your industry? A founder with an incredible origin story? A company with an impeccable track record? We’ll find the compelling narratives in your past and leverage your corporate legacy into creative strategy.

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stakeholders to record key stories & events


stories with marketing goals and audience


historical media materials to support marketing


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