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Historical Research and Genealogy

Everyone has a story. It's time to discover yours.

 Has your history become mythologized to the point where you don't know what's true and what isn't? If we've not been good history-keepers from the beginning then it can be a struggle to get started. It can often seem too late, or worse, important items may be already lost. That’s when you need an expert. A historian can come in to research and document your history before it really is too late.

Families seeking to recover their history.

Families are complicated and genealogy can be a messy businesses. There's family lore, incomplete records, global events, and more that can impact your family's history. It's not uncommon for families to become fragmented with many losing connection to branches of the tree due to war, immigration, or other hardships.

Whether you're purposefully seeking to chronicle your family's history, or the responsibility of intestate has caught you by surprise, we can help you piece together your family lineage. Our team can quickly and accurately research primary sources to help you definitively lay our your family tree.

So, what’s your story? Are you looking for a long lost branch of family? Are you searching for records of you grandparents from Yugoslavia? Or, are you working with a lawyer to settle matters of intestate? Work with a credentialed historian and genealogist to locate the family records you need.

If you're ready to partner on a project, please send an email to: [email protected]

Organizations Seeking to Document Their Legacy

There are significant advantages to documenting and preserving your corporate history. It can inspire and inform business strategy, contribute to your bottom line, and save you from legal liability. Maintaining good record-keeping practices can save you a headache and guard against significant financial penalties.

Perhaps more interesting, corporate history can be a powerful selling feature and part of your brand story. We can help you harness your company history to improve your marketing and strengthen your brand position by weaving compelling stories from the past into your marketing machine. Our partnership will have you leveraging your corporate legacy in no time! Are you interested in seeing what that looks like in action? Rachael has worked extensively with the Oregon wine industry, and established the Oregon Wine History Archive at Linfield College. You can see and hear the stories she uncovered, here: https://oregonwinehistoryarchive.org/.

So, what’s your history? Are you a pioneer in your industry, have a unique story, or a long track record of success? Let’s work together to find out how your history can support your future.

If you're ready to partner on a project, please send an email to: [email protected].

Services Offered

Here are a few examples of how we can work with your organization. If you don’t see what you need on the list, please contact us to get support.

  • Research your corporate history
  • Identify and document missing elements of history
  • Conduct oral history interviews to capture mythologized events
  • Outline historical narratives that resonate with marketing goals
  • Provided historical media materials for production use
  • Create a historical account that matches history to corporate milestones

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