A right to our roots

The past is not behind us. It’s not frozen in a one-sided narrative, buried in the basements of institutions, or limited to the pages of books.  History is as alive and relevant as we allow it to be if we are committed to listening to the voices within it. Continuing to forge a relationship with our past keeps us invested in our humanity. It’s the heartbeat of our stories. It’s the archive of our lives.

And that’s what we do at Relicura: We take care of lives — past and present. We bring significance to our humanity by honoring the humans in it.

Hi! I’m Rachael, Founder of Relicura

When I look back on my early years in archives, I realize the experience was masterfully designed so I could reimagine the profession as a whole. Those formative years were the perfect storm of disadvantages  untended archives in shambles, limited funding, and pervasive old-school mentality. I was a young woman working under male-dominated leadership, determined to prove myself, and impossibly tasked with bringing visibility to collections with next to no resources at my disposal. It had all the makings of failure, but it was exactly what I needed to define my place in this work. 

The fewer the resources, the more creative I became as a problem-solver; the more taxing my environment grew, the more determined I was to cultivate positive workplaces; the more challenging it became to quantify the value of a collection, the more compelling my outreach and grant writing efforts grew. 

The hardships became my edge, my hunger for systemic change, my passion for stewarding stories, and my commitment to being a fierce advocate for fair labor. 

And through it all, my mission was clear: Rethink EVERYTHING.

We can  

  • Use best practices to inform our work without being wedded to industry standards just because “that’s the way it’s always been done.”
  • Bring meaning and significance to collections of all sizes by considering any and all resources to bring them visibility.
  • Preserve the integrity of our collections without overcomplicating them. 
  • Actively combat the intimidating physical and digital spaces in our communities and offer multiple points of access. 
  • Create touchstone experiences that give people ample opportunities to explore emotional connections to the past. 

And serious business can still be a warm invitationĀ to engage with history every day.

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Company Values


We’re committed to being on the right side of history

If we’re in history’s service, it requires a hard look at tough truths. The antidote to these difficult conversations is having the humility to realize that we have everything to gain from an honest accounting of our past. At Relicura, we lean into discomfort, and we’re energized by the repair work needed in this critical period of historical correction. We call out antiquated practices for what they really are vehicles for perpetuating historical fabrications and depriving us of the beauty and wisdom of the unheard.


We pride ourselves in providing solutions that get our clients to YES (no matter what)

While we’re well-versed in traditional approaches, our allegiance isn’t to old-school practices by default. We’re nimble, and we don’t shy away from projects that are complex or require us to think in unconventional ways. We meet you where you are, innovate with what you have, and find the best pathway to accomplish your goals.


We’re not for everyone…on purpose

At Relicura, we bring our whole selves to our work. We cultivate affirming, shame-free spaces, so you feel safe to discuss your challenges freely, and we feel comfortable providing honest feedback. And while we operate with great sensitivity, we won’t obscure the truths you need to hear at the expense of moving your mission forward.



We all have a right to our roots

We’re not interested in limiting the conversation to those who have always had a seat at the table. We want to hear from storytellers beyond the profession, empower historically-marginalized groups to find platforms to amplify their voices, and find the gaps so we can ensure wider representation. We invest our energy locally and within our ecosystem with the understanding that if our neighbor is healthy, happy, and heard, we all benefit.


We believe archives are for everyone

We realize that not everyone is ready for or in need of our services, but we also believe in contributing to the professional space by free-sharing information and resources. We provide monthly educational webinars and blogs at no cost to support our community and learn from one another. We also proudly partner with The Northwest Archivists' Archivist in Residence Program, a paid internship residency, in support of our newer professionals.


We’re a people-first company grounded in professional wellness 

We’re a heart-centered, empathic team driven by a deep appreciation for the contributions of others. We respect our work, our time, and ourselves, and we seek client partners who align with our values. We’ve adopted a culture that’s pro-challenge but anti-hustle; we work smart, play hard, and rest harder. In addition to offering 100% remote work, flexible schedules, and 120 hours of PTO, we're shut down Thanksgiving week and the time between Christmas and the New Year. We’re tireless advocates for ethical workplaces including market-rate compensation for all employees, contractors, and service providers, fair-labor models, a retirement plan, and full medical benefits.

Not quite ready to get to work? No problem! 

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